Amy Gardner – Customer Service Manager

Amy has 10 years of experience in the network marketing industry and has worked with multiple different companies of all sizes. She has worked with many Multi-Million dollar earning teams and has been able to identify methods to help business owners of all levels achieve success. While learning from these organizations she has developed a passion for identifying and fixing problems and making sure everyone has the best chance to succeed.

Melissa Collins – Chief Marketing Officer

Melissa Collins has over 20 years of experience building traditional businesses. She has a proven track record leading teams, creating systems and strategic plans to help companies scale. Melissa has over 10 years of experience building teams in the field and has successfully developed proven methods to help new distributors win in the MLM industry.

Brandon Hayes – CEO/President

Brandon Hayes has been an entrepreneur at heart his entire life. He recalls attending his very first Network marketing meeting at age 5 with his father. By the time he was in high-school, he had already started several small businesses of his own. While attending college at Western Kentucky University, his business ventures had him out-earning all of his business professors in no time. At age 18 he knew that Network Marketing was going to be the vehicle to provide him with ultimate financial freedom and time freedom. By age 23 he was earning a 6 figure income that allowed him to walk away from the last job he would ever have working for another person. He earned his first million dollars through Network Marketing in his mid-twenties and since then has gone on to make a significant impact on the network marketing industry at large. Now having nearly fifteen years experience successfully building international organizations with tens of thousands of distributors and customers and 10’s of millions of dollars in sales, he is also a highly sought after world renowned speaker and trainer. On many occasions he has shared the stage with some of the most prolific thought leaders and personal development experts in the world. Ultimately, the pinnacle of Brandon’s career will be seeing his economic philosophy come to fruition in Life Activated Brands.